ADNOC Group Registration

ADNOC Group Registration

For establishing a business in UAE, especially Oil/Gas Sector Approved Company Formation in UAE, there are many rules and regulations as per the Government. And also you are in need of a provider of Business setup service in UAE like Plus UAE, the leading service provider for Oil Company Formation in UAE. An international company considering to establish a business entity in UAE should be aware of the important issues, rules and regulations of the Country, the major risks and benefits etc. These factors influence the way they invest and it should be considered early before taking a decision. Plus U.A.E, the leading Business setup service provider in UAE, provides you the complete guidance and assistance for setting up a business in UAE including Sector Approved Oil Company Formation. We give the proper guidance by making you aware of the rules and regulations, understanding the investment environment, legal issues etc. then we give you assistance in completing all the services needed to build up your enterprise. (Including sponsorship, registration, licence approval, visa issuance, legal documentation, office spaces for our clients, transportation etc.)

A business must be registered with the municipality or the relevant Economic Department and the Chamber of Commerce of the country in which the activities of the business are conducted. There are separate department for each business activity (Depends on the activity done by an investor, whether financial institutions, medical, educational, information, tourism, industrial includes oil, gas, petroleum sector) etc. An investor has to choose the right activity and get the licence from the particular department of their specific activity. We assist you in obtaining License according to your activity. Even though you may feel its all as tough task, Plus UAE, the leading Business set up service provider in UAE assists you in all aspects from a to z to develop your establish your business setup in UAE and to develop it.

Special procedures are applied for registration of business engaged in OIL, GAS & PETROCHEMICAL Sectors. Plus U.A.E.’s dedicated services offers you all the support in registering your company with the specific department related to your activity.

Plus UAE, being pioneers in business set up service providers in UAE are always updated with rules and regulations of UAE Government. So when a business investor arrives he gets all the relevant information’s for the “BUSINESS SETUP” from PLUS U.A.E. After this guidance, we provide quality service to carry out investors business establishment inUAE. We are always quick in our work and all our works are done without risk and delay. PLUS U.A.E. , the business set up service provider in UAE working at the very heart of UAE offers best services and “A-Z” Information regarding BUSINESS SETUP SERVICES IN UAE.

With over years of experience as business set up service provider in UAE, and quality service we assure you that “When joining with Plus U.A.E., sit relaxed and see all things done necessary for your business setup”.

So you can completely trust Plus U.A.E., the business set up service provider in UAE, when you approach us for setting up yours enterprise. Our focus is to gain complete satisfaction from you in setting up your dream business project. “By setting up your business we help you setup your future successfully”.